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Steinberg works in the photographic medium using a number of different processes. First and foremost is the traditional silver gelatin image in which a negative and subsequent print are produced in the conventional wet darkroom. In recent years he has also been producing images using digital procedures where the negative is produced either digitally or in traditional fashion and the final print is produced on the desktop.

His subject matter is quite varied. It ranges from plant life to crushed car fenders. It includes such material as corroded metal, eroded landscapes and some architectural subjects. Some photographs are totally non-objective. In others, elements of reality may appear but will always be of a secondary nature and emphasis.

In the Gallery, the viewer can browse through three portfolios.

Of these, two are concerned with the effects of time and the natural elements on the many rather commonplace objects that are a part of everyday life. The Abstraction portfolio is centered on the imagery that is a result of erosion and abrasion of both natural and human made objects. The Leaf Study portfolio is focused on leaves, for the most part fallen leaves. These leaves, nurtured and molded by the forces of nature before and after death, have taken on an undeniable organic quality. The decaying process, far from destroying the leaves, has significantly enhanced their character. They can indeed be seen as alive and pulsating with energy. It is as if a cycle of life, death and rebirth is affirmed. It is Steinberg's desire to show, through both bodies of work, that the processes of decay can lead in unexpected ways to a visual enhancement. That which was ordinary becomes distinctly extraordinary. What originally drew little attention can become a visual treat.

The Transplanted Roots portfolio contains images that reflect Steinberg's response to having been transplanted from an eastern urban environment to the grandeur of the American west. New roots had to be established and nurtured. The taking of these images was a part of this process.