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       Jack Baber is a native of Wabash, Indiana and a graduate of Indiana University. He has resided with his wife, Judy, in the beautiful California Central Coast community of Cambria, California since 1989.               

       Having studied with Henry Holmes Smith and  Morely Baer, his photographic images reflect their intensiy combined with his own sensitivities to nature.

       His photographs are included in numerous private and corporate collections, including the collections of George Eastman House and Eastman Kodak Company.  His photography has appeared in Photography at Mid-Century (1959), Photography USA, (1968), Photography 63 (1963), and New Mexico Photographer (2001).        

       His work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally, including, but not limited to, Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis, DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Brisbane International Color Slide Exhibition in Australia, New York State Exposition in Syracuse, Illinois Institute of Design in Chicago, the New York World’s Fair at the Kodak Pavilion, London Art Museum in Ontario, Canada, Yolo International Exhibition of Photography in Davis, CA, and Visions '93, '94, '95 and 2000 at the Art Center in San Luis Obispo.

       His work has also been the subject of several one-man shows, including the Honeywell Foundation, Wabash, IN (1967, 1976), Schoolhouse Gallery, Cambria, CA (1996), The Photo Shop, San Luis Obispo, CA (1998), and the Museum of Natural History, Morro Bay, CA (1995).